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How to Apply for Legal Medical Marijuana Use in Canada

Marihuana Medical Access Regulations - Application (MMAR)

We recommend that you read the Quick Guide and Information for Patients documents first and then download the forms that are pertinent to the type of access that you are requesting.

You will need to fill out the appropriate applications for Authorization to Possess, Licences to Produce and for supply.

The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) has developed a "Release Form for Medical Practitioners". This form is not a requirement to obtain an authorization to possess marihuana for medical purposes. Any questions relating to this form should be discussed with your physician.

Title View Print
Information for the Patient - Marihuana (Cannabis) HTML PDF Version - 128 K
Applicant's Guide HTML PDF Version - 217 K
Doctor Liability Release Form n/a PDF Version - 60 K

Forms Title View Print
Application for Authorization HTML PDF Version - 509 K
Form A Application to Possess Marihuana for Medical Purposes (if you want to possess and use cannabis legally) HTML PDF Version - 128 K
Form B1 Medical Practitioner's Form for Category 1 Applicants HTML PDF Version - 67 K
Form B2 Medical Practitioner's Form for Category 2 Applicants HTML PDF Version - 66 K
Form C Application to Produce Marihuana by Applicant (if you want to grow cannabis for your own personal use) HTML PDF Version - 111 K
Form D Application to Produce Marihuana by a Designated Person (if you want to grow and sell cannabis for medical purposes) HTML PDF Version - 136 K
Form E1 Application to Obtain Dried Marihuana (for purchasing government grown cannabis) HTML PDF Version - 114 K
Form E2 Application to Obtain Marihuana Seeds (for purchasing government cannabis seeds) HTML PDF Version - 114 K
Form F Consent of Property Owner HTML PDF Version - 105 K

You can ONLY use Form R - Renewal if:

  1. You have already been authorized at least once using the complete package of new forms
  2. Nothing has changed since your last authorization (e.g. medical situation, physician information, residential and production address, storage site, security measures, etc.)

If you have any questions about Form R, please call the Marihuana Medical Access Division, at: 1-866-337-7705.

Forms Title View Print
Form R Application for Renewal to Possess Marihuana for Medical Purposes HTML PDF Version - 103 K




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